Monday, January 18, 2010

Back to the saltmines........

Weekends are just never long enough!  I usually have a list (in my head) of all the things I need & want to accomplish.  The problem is that list is usually long enough for 3 days worth of work for 3 people!!!

I finally did pack up my little Christmas village........kinda sad.  And yes, my tree is still up!  It was, however, on the  Maybe by the end of January it will be put to bed upstairs in the attic.  My snowmen collection is still out as well.  Oh well.

My life is busy.  I do, however, look forward to the day when I don't have 25 things to do at once. 


Donna said...

You will eventually get it all done!

Weekends are too short!

And I'm thrilled to see you blogging!

CK Photo said...

you still have to enjoy life, the other stuff will get done