Saturday, January 30, 2010

So I'm a little behind.....

posting about Christmas.

my tree (although that's my sister's pictured) is still up.  hers is probably undecorated sitting in the same spot.

 Rarely do we get a pic of me, my mom, my sis & bro all together.

my mother would kill me if she knew this was posted online.

my sister might too when she reads this ;)

The Gabester is all about the food.........

the rest of the tribe is bellying up to the bar..........

while the rest are steadily grazing............

a little wrestling match after dinner between Uncle Rodney,
Colton, & of course Dozier couldn't stand to be left out.


and then Maggie had to join the game of "chase the light"

then the after effects of Christmas dinner set in..............

All in all it was a great Christmas.  Getting there was somewhat tricky due to the record blizzard Oklahoma City experienced.  The weatherman predicted 1 - 3" .............we ended up with 14".  Amazing. 

We live approx 10 miles from the turnpike & it took us about 45 min to get there.  Thank God we drove out of the storm halfway up the turnpike.  A normal 4.5 hr trip took us 6 hrs.  Then we had 4-6" of snow fall while we were in Kansas.  As long as we had safely arrived at our destination, I didn't care.

We stayed 4 days at my parents.  We laughed, slept, went to my sister & her fam's, laughed some more, watched her shake her hiney when our brother's cell phone (that she'd secretly hidden in her back pocket to antagonize him) started ringing............and we laughed some more.  

The following day we dug our way out of 6+" of snow to help haul kids around, fix broken belts on trucks, & help bro get his truck out of the ditch.  All the while listening and watching the news regarding the record blizzard that hit home........14" of snow dumped on OKC.........unheard of!  

When we returned home, we were snowed out of the
Rodney had to use a little gardening shovel to get us in the door due to the drift against it!  Quite the sight i must say. 

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