Monday, January 17, 2011

Magnificent Monday!

My word for 2011:  Prosperous

1.  having or characterized by financial success or good fortune; flourishing; successful: a prosperous business.
2.  well-to-do or well-off: a prosperous family.
3.  favorable or propitious.
How do I "live" my word?  
That is the question I have been pondering for a week or so.  

After doing some reading, writing, listening to Joyce Meyer, & reflecting........I took a hard look at my self-talk & what I spoke out loud.  Somedays, I am positive.  Somedays, not so's the 'not so much-ness' that I want to change.  
I believe in a power greater than myself.........God to me & others I know.........however, my dog is a power greater than myself..........she's quicker, a better hunter than my hubby (& he's pretty darn good), & bites a heckuva lot harder!  So, I've learned if I can't feel the presence of God, I can always pet my ground me & remind myself that faith is believing what I can't always see.  I don't always see my dog being quicker than me, hunting prey, or biting - but I know she can.  

Using this information, I can transfer this belief to my 'lack of prosperity or abundance' thinking.  I've been verbally saying out loud that I have enough of _______.  I have also been spending at least 5 mins just thanking God for the things in my life AND thanking him for things I am currently praying about AS IF they are already taken care of.  Finally, I've been verbally blessing everything I can think of.  

I have to have something to replace the negative thoughts and actions.  At the very least, doing these things keeps me more grounded in the present & I haven't been projecting into the future nearly as much reacting to fear of things that haven't even happened!!!

Progress not perfection............


Lynette said...

Progress is a pretty good direction to head. Negative thoughts are something we all deal with.

Donna said...

Awesome words Trish. Progress is NOT Perfection - how true.

Sometimes speaking the words out loud is scary!