Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bravegirls Club Post

For those of you who have never heard of this's fabulous!  Go check them out
This particular daily reminder made me stop & think this morning..........

Dear Wonderful Girl,

Someday you will understand. You really will.

Someday you will understand why you had to learn things the way you had to learn them, why you had to have certain people in your life, why things had to be so hard sometimes.

Someday you will understand the way things fell together, the way you were rescued from catastrophes in funny and miraculous little ways. Someday you will understand how you were never, ever alone...even though you felt alone so many days. Someday you will understand how you were led to the places you were meant to be, the crazy twists and turns in the road that you weren't expecting.

Be patient with the journey. You may feel completely perplexed, confused, and even a little lost. Just keep going. Keep smiling. Keeping being you.

And someday you will look to the sky and laugh at how perfectly things unfolded, and you will understand that so much happened just the way it was supposed to...just for you.

You are so very loved


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