Monday, February 3, 2014

Coloring outside the lines

Tonight my creativity decided to bubble to the surface so I just went with my first thoughts using Ranger Distress Markers (barn door, orange marmalade, mustard seed, & fired brick).  I had an art journal page already prepared w/gesso.  After scribbling randomly, I sprayed w/water.  Read on to see the process on the adjoining page.

So, on the adjoining page of my art journal I began randomly scribbling with the mustard seed marker.

You can see I had no rhyme or reason - just scribbled with reckless abandon.
I'm a rebel without a cause, you know.  

Next, I used orange marmalade again just scribbling where ever my heart desired.  No lines to color within.

I overlapped the orange marmalade onto the mustard seed here & there without much thought.  Have fun!

Let your wild side some out!  Color on the edge or color in the middle!  Color over the other colors!  It doesn't matter one single bit.  Just let go & let yourself be free.......well within reason.....

Then I took the barn door & used it as a dining room table.....not really......I just scribbled some more.  But, old doors do make really cool dining room tables.  Rustic & charming!  

A little barn door here, a little barn door a barn door, there a barn door......Old MacDonald had a barn door.......sorry........regressed for a few minutes........coloring is cool & therapeutic

 Just the right touch here & there without too much perfectionism getting in my way.......

I sprayed the page with regular tap water - nothing fancy.  You can see how it's starting to react to the water.

Continue to spray with water & watch how the ink reacts as the colors melt together creating a neat water color effect.

I usually spray enough water on my page to make it really drippy so the colors run together as I tilt my page.

You can see here after a few minutes of spraying & tilting the effect I have achieved.

 Usually I will use my heat gun to dry my pages because I am impatient but allowing it to air dry is fine.

Believe it or not this is how the pages looked after they were dried.  They went from oranges & reds to purples with some oranges, rusts, & yellows. 

 I used clear flourish screen & patina Tattered Angels. 

I added a flourish to each corner on both pages.  I still like some symmetry even though I'm attempting to try new & innovative techniques.  


You can see how the screen leaves a ghost like pattern that looks really cool in the background.

Finally, the other page.  I dripped the excess Tattered Angel spray that was on the screen stencil onto the paper as well as tapped the edge of the screen on the paper to created the droplet pattern. 

Pretty nifty so far, huh? 

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