Sunday, February 2, 2014

The weather outside is frightful.........

 Indoor heating is so delightful!
 well, it was getting frightful about 7:30-8ish this morning

Not a soul was stirring...not even a mouse
or a bird
except at the neighbor's feeders you can't see

Bikini Weather
at least not for this chick.....
I snuggled up in my chair with my pooch & read for a while
 Meanwhile, about an hour or so later
our ranch was slowly becoming blanketed

 Cloudy with snow
the picture shows how thick the snow looked coming down
almost Christmas card worthy

 Don't mind the spots that need painting on our porch
come spring that will be taken care of
but not by me

Snow angel anyone?
no thanks
laying down in snow is not my idea of a good time

However, my idea of a good time on a day like today is getting busy with it experimenting with some art journaling.....stains, paints, & glue......oh myyyyy

It's good therapy......rests my to try out new techniques which can be transferred to upcycle projects.   

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